Simple for shoppers

Makes group purchases simple and secure with no more need to chase payments from others.

Easy for retailers

Integrates easily into any website, sitting alongside other options such as Paypal and Visa.

Everyone wins

Helps businesses make the aspirational affordable for their customers.

How it works?

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1. Select a product

Add any products you wish to purchase into your online basket.

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2. Add friends or family

Having chosen to pay by Chippin, add friends and family to help share the cost.

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3. Invite them to chip in

Our messaging system will invite your friends and family to contribute by email.

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4. Share
the cost

Each contributor decides if they want to chip in to the shared purchase.

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5. Monitor the progress

Easily track who's chipped in and who hasn't on your live progress page.

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6. Share the love

The purchase completes when the total is reached. Simple.

Who is using Chippin?

New merchants and businesses are adopting Chippin all the time. Examples include:

The most useful payment gateway for gifting that I can imagine. It’s just ideal and so simple to install and run on our site.
James Smith, Ecommerce Director, Scent Store
Jenny Wade, Customer
I loved it. We were able to buy a gift that we couldn’t have dreamed of.
Ian Nolan, Ayr Equestrian
Wow. Brilliant and works like a treat with zero set-up time.

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