Chippin. Sharing giving.

Chippin is the pioneering way to split
the cost of an online transaction safely
and securely.

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Zero hassle for retailers

Our payment gateway integrates easily into your existing platform, right alongside the usual suspects such as Paypal or Amazon Pay.

Simple for shoppers

Gift and group purchases can be made quickly and easily. Without one person shouldering the purchase price and then seeking repayment from other contributors.

Everyone wins

Chippin helps to make the aspirational affordable for both businesses and their customers.


Split the cost. Share the love.
Sharing giving.

Chippin lets you share the cost with others. Ideal for buying gifts for friends and family,
Chippin helps with those purchases that are just out of reach - or simply better shared.

Who uses it?

Chippin facilitates secondary purchases

The features of Chippin provide a compelling option for merchants that are not currently maximising the opportunities of the gifting market. Consumers benefit from a simple solution to share the payments required to purchase a gift or group purchase.

New customer acquisition

Chippin gives direct contact with previously unseen and / or unknown customers - i.e. it gives access to those indirectly buying through others (e.g. tickets, gifts, holidays etc.). Whether a contributor accepts or declines the invitation, they are re-directed to the merchant's website – better than any normal referral.

Increase average order value

The social reach of Chippin allows customers to target higher price points - i.e. more people splitting the cost.

Boost the brand

Increase traffic to and engagement on the website, providing a new, valuable service to consumers. Also provides other marketing and promotional opportunities - e.g. special promotions for group purchases and / or the organisers of group purchases.

Allays traditional fears

Chippin eliminates the anxiety of today's manual group paying process - e.g. people failing to commit, having to chase payment; being paid in cash all at once (e.g. ticket sales); and being left 'out of pocket'.

Saves time and energy

simple set-up, invitation and tracking process makes activating and managing a Chippin transaction an easy, fair, and pain-free process. By choosing to guarantee the full amount, the instigator can also ensure a successful transaction.

Opportunity to 'buy better'

Chippin helps to make the more aspirational affordable for all - i.e. a group of friends are more readily able to consider higher priced items in a trouble-free manner.

How it works?

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1. Find a product

The customer makes a purchasing decision as they normally would on a retailer's website

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2. Add some friends / Involve some friends

At check-out, they can then include friends and family members to contribute using Chippin

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3. Ask them to help / Invite them to help

Our messaging system allows them to contact their contributors directly and easily by email

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4. Share the cost / Split the cost

The contributors decide if they want to chip in to the shared purchase

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5. Monitor progress

The progress of contributions is tracked over a set time, determined by the retailer

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6. Share the love

The purchase completes when the value of the purchase is met. Simple.

The most useful payment gateway for gifting that I can imagine. It’s just ideal and so simple to install and run on our site.
James Smith, Ecommerce Director, Scent Store
Jenny Wade, Customer
I loved it. We were able to buy a gift that we couldn’t have dreamed of.
Ian Nolan, Ayr Equestrian
Wow. Brilliant and works like a treat with zero set-up time.

Easy to use? Easy install?

Chippin eliminates the anxiety of organising group payments. Removing the hassle of chasing money owed and reduces the risk of being left out of pocket. Plus it’s so easy to integrate and to use.

For Retailers

As a retailer our team will help install and guide you through the easy set-up process.

Integrated Guides
Brand Resources
For customers

It could not be simpler. Just click Chippin at the checkout and follow the simple steps. No additional accounts or apps needed. Customers just need the email address of people they hope will contribute towards the payment.

They will be guided through the process through email messages and online feedback.

Get in touch with Chippin

Whether you're a merchant, a retailer or a customer, mail us and we will arrange a demonstration or keep you updated about Chippin.